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I really don’t know where to start with this one, it really speaks for itself. Part Jackie part Grange Hill, with the highly implausible premise that there’s a “girl” into computers. Mr. DIckerson is particularly troubling, dodgy jacket, moustache, cheap wig – yup. pretty much how I remember my teachers from the 80s…

Rebel Pupil Bev Jeavons has had her program for the school software competition wiped out by the form computer creeps. but she has chosen the wrong moment for revenge…

fighting over time on the school zx spectrum

fighting over time on the school zx spectrum

Nice product placement from Imagine Software

Nice product placement from Imagine Software

"Are you sure this is what you're looking for?"

Are you sure this is what you're looking for?

"try and be a bit more user friendly will you?"

try and be a bit more user friendly will you?

18 thoughts on “School For Software

  1. How will Bev keep her strip of silvery printout away from the lesbian bullies? We need to know!

    This story is a great reminder of the hardships we had to put up with in those days: competing for time on the school computer (singular), and seeing how much time you could spend on the machines in the computer shop before the owner got fed up with you. More please!

  2. “I can’t stop you taking Computer Studies, but I’ll make sure you don’t have time on the Spectrum.”

    - they don’t make threats like they used to, do they? ;-)

  3. Fantastic – I think I’m in love – reckon Bev’s on Facebook? Also, the teacher looks EXACTLY like the former head of maths who used to run Computer Club. Who’s now – and I’m not making this up – inside for interfering with young boys. Great, innocent days!

  4. Holy God, in my middle school computer class you were extremely lucky if you got one of the three Speccies by the window…towards the back of the class it was mostly ZX81s, and if you were really late it was relegation to the huge black “research machine” donated by a local university that even the teacher had no idea how to use…

    Ah…memories… ;)

  5. You lucky bastards. I’m from an era when the idea of computers in the classroom wasn’t even science-fiction; it was that far-fetched.

    I do remember “photo stories” though. But they usually had less (ie. no) clothing after the first page. And they had likelier scenarios. I mean, a *girl* in computer class? :)

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