The Video Genie

No, not magical sprite contained in a video recorder, but another also-ran computer of the 80s. It seems to be compatible with the TRS-80, but it’s unclear if it’s a simple clone, or something more sophisticated. The most startling feature, at least for us in the internet-age, is the integrated cassette recorder. Saving your BASIC program to cassette (and hoping it will load back in again) seems a doubly redundant activity – I’ve not played a music cassette for years, let alone tried to use one as a storage medium. My memories of using cassettes are mainly of the bitter tears of frustration after the tape machine ate the only copy of my long-laboured-over piece of code…

One thought on “The Video Genie

  1. It was sold in Australia as the Dick Smith System 80. Dick Smith being an electrical retailer. The TRS-80 was very expensive here, so there were several cheaper clones available.

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