Answering machine

ah 1981, just as I was marvelling at dayglo socks, more business oriented minds were looking for ways to replace their secretaries with machines. One such device is featured here Рthe telephone answering machine. Complete with clunky mechanical buttons, this 24 hour slave will record your calls on a C90 cassette, so you never miss that late-night business opportunity… A snip at £135.

Post Office Approved!

Post Office Approved!

Nice to see that despite the Button telephone bursting onto the scene a mere 9 years earlier, this particular add still sports the classic rotary dialing phone…

2 thoughts on “Answering machine

  1. “Post Office Approved” is, I assume, a reference to the days when all equipment connected to the public telephone system had to be approved by the Post Office (as precursors to BT). IIRC, the equipment even had to be plumbed in by PTO engineers, because the standard telephone sockets had not yet been introduced and telephones were just wired in directly.

  2. My grandpa had one of these (or similar) lying around his shop in Los Angeles. I used to play with the “call-in bleeper” because it made a really loud beep when it’s button was pressed. I would pretend it was a phaser from Star Trek.

    I always wondered what the bleeper was really for. As a kid, I thought it was used to record the actual beep noise at the end of the outgoing message.

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