Load Runner issue 9 cover

“The Galaxy’s First Computer Comic” it proudly boasts here on the front cover. A rather difficult statement to confirm or deny, given our rather limited knowledge of anything much further than a few thousand miles from our little planet. Still Load Runner does a decent enough job of trying to make comic strips out of crappy 80s 8-bit videogame concepts. There was a hell of a lot more ‘suspension of disbelief’ required when playing games in the 80s.

Aaaargh! Giant Spider!

Aaaargh! Giant Spider!

8 thoughts on “Load Runner issue 9 cover

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  2. I’m going to regret this. I was one of the original writers of Load Runner and still have a full collecton of the comics here. It was edited by Bill Scolding who wrote the title strip, while our great, departed mate Brian Cookman wrote one of the others. As you say, it was hard in the 8s….


  3. Having loved it the first time round, I’m still enjoying your work 25 years on, Rob! – Basically I’ve been buying up old issues of ‘Load Runner’ as & when I find them for a while now. As far as the net informs me, there were only actually 13 issues completed in the end – could you confirm whether that’s correct or not?

    re: our host’s comments – the line about ‘suspension of disbelief’ is telling, but not in a negative sense – I recall enjoying the sensation of ‘filling in the gaps’ between what was displayed on my Spectrum screen and the hand-drawn covers of the games’ boxes or the adverts for them – for me that was part of the pleasure of ‘Load Runner’ too – fleshing out and adding an extra dimension to the slightly flimsy 2D world of early home computing. Obviously if you were a ZX81 owner you pretty much had to rely wholesale on this approach…;0)

    It’s one of the reasons why I still actually play things like the Level 9 and Adventure International (mainly) text-based adventure games too – there’s something rewarding & evocative about the extra dimension your mind works to create. One of the central pleasures of the written word, right?

    So…thanks for your involvement with all of that! I hope you have fond memories of the time as the various strips still work really well today – it’s not just nostalgia on my part.

    If you don’t mind me asking, which strip or section of the comic were you fondest of, and
    do you still have your ‘Decoders’ membership card?!


  4. I think you’re right and there were only thirteen issues, though I had big plans for Simian’s World…I could say definitively without digging through my archives (the huge shelves behind me). Yes, I do have my Decoder laminate, complete with hideous jacket from Mr. Byrite in Wood Green and the remains-of-a-nasty-bubble-perm photograph.

    best wishes,


  5. nice to hear from you Rob – it’s tantalising to think what could have been in ‘Simian’s World’! i still think you should be very proud of what you all achieved though, even if the funds were pulled at short notice.

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