go FORTH and multiply

BASIC was the lingua-franca of personal computers in the 80s, whether we can hold Bill Gates entirely responsible for that is debatable, but that’s the way it was. Here we see a plucky young machine bucking the trend and coming pre-installed with FORTH on it’s tiny electronic brain.

This advert from 1982 is for the ‘Jupiter Ace‘ ['Uranus Cool' being rejected early in the product-naming cycle, I suspect]. Apparently it’s ‘Probably the fastest microcomputer in the universe’ with a blazing 3.25MHz processor. Consider that a PC these days is probably running at 3.25GHz on multiple cores – a speed increase of a thousand-fold at least. It also boasts a stunnning 8K of ROM [where that FORTH compiler is stored] and 3k of RAM – closer inspection of the specifications reveals that only 1k is availble for code, the other 2k for the graphics. To put that into some perspective, the thumbnail JPEG image below is 48k in size…

Probably the fastest microcomputer in the universe

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  1. hello,

    no-one ever seems to comment so i just thought i’d do so to let you know that i’m really enjoying seeing all these adverts and such, thankyou for taking the time to scan and upload and please keep them coming


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