Sinclair ZX Spectrum from only £125!

It seems many of the visitors to retrogeek are spectrum enthusiasts, for your delictation here is the original 2-page spread advert from 1982. Notable not only for the hyperbole of the descriptions, but also the glamorous assistant shown squelching his way into the world-of-tomorrow on his tiny rubber keyboard.

Also of note is the ‘coming soon’ ZX Microdrive, a strange early storage device with a loop of cassette tape stuffed into a plastic cartridge. Holding up to 100k with a seek time of 3.5 seconds it promised simplicity and speed, but delivered tangled tape, data-loss and despair.

ZX Microdrive

ZX Microdrive

3 thoughts on “Sinclair ZX Spectrum from only £125!

  1. I also remember the advert vividly, and remember my DISAPPOINTMENT that was caused by the LIE of an orange-backgrounded, overscanning graphics mode. Sir Clive, you fibbed to me. Where was my orange attribute? Where was my overscan? Bastard.

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