Welcome to Clubsofa, Clubsofa (1998)

welcome to clubsofa – clubsofa

  1. Anandamide [6.6mb] mp3
  2. The Pump (featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger) [3.9mb] mp3
  3. Blank For Special Messages [6.4mb] mp3
  4. Debriefed [3.9mb] mp3
  5. Nonesuch [2.2mb] mp3
  6. Sure [6.7mb] mp3
  7. Urban Renewal [4.5mb] mp3
  8. Land of Comf [5.9mb] mp3
  9. Bedtime [6.4mb] mp3
  10. Uncle Monty [7.7mb] mp3

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Unilever – the Egg (1997)

smorgasbord – unilever

act of love
huevos y queso
spec 4 ian
fungicidal maniac
the egg [4.1 mb]
the pain
asphalt NRS
justify my love
The greatest sleaze-rock cabaret band that never was. If circumstances were different Unilever would be deconstructing the cornerstones of popular music with their progressive arsequake sound. As it is, we made this record with stolen military hardware in Washington, then went our separate ways.

If you are so inclined, this record may be purchased from amazon.

And yes, we did eat that sandwich after the photoshoot.

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