Monthly Archives: June 2006


I’ve always loved photocopied fanzines and direct media physical objects. Before the days when the internet allowed every freak a potential publishing opportunity, people had to use typewriters, and scissors and glue. Photoshop has rendered the world sterile. It is a useful tool, but just as the structure of modern dance music consists of eight […]

What is Photostereosynthesis?

photostereosynthesis Louis and Auguste Lumiere are best known as inventors of the cinematographic projector and the accompanying film of a train [ L’Arrivee d’un train en gare de la Ciotat] which legend has it, was so astonishing to the audience, who had never seen a moving picture before, that they fled the auditorium in terror. […]


shardcorner, 203 Preston Road, Brighton. Shardcorner is my gallery in Brighton. Shardcorner is rarely open, however, you can get a good view of the window from Preston Road at the top of Preston Park. Indeed, if you are especially keen you can peer through the window at the delights inside. However, if you want the […]