Monthly Archives: September 2006

Francis Crick, tripping (2006)

acrylic on canvas, 600mm x 600mm Francis Crick is credited, along with James Watson [and to a lesser extent Rosalind Franklin] with the discovery of the structure of DNA. On the surface it appears to be an everyday story of academic brilliance, however this article alludes to the fact that Crick was interested in the […]

Hexahedron #1 (2006)

Multi-layered cube – digitally printed acetate, acrylic paint 100mm x 100mm x 100mm “To what extent can truth endure incorporation? That is the question; that is the experiment” – Nietzsche An executive toy for the modern natural philosopher.

Memento vita [self portrait with cortex exposed] (2006)

acrylic on canvas 510mm x 510mm I’ve had the data from an experimental MRI scan of my head for a while, and this is the second piece of work inspired by it. I am fascinated by the extension to perception offered by technology, and am always astonished by the ability to ‘look inside’ a body […]