Francis Crick, tripping (2006)

acrylic on canvas, 600mm x 600mm

Francis Crick is credited, along with James Watson [and to a lesser extent Rosalind Franklin] with the discovery of the structure of DNA.

On the surface it appears to be an everyday story of academic brilliance, however this article alludes to the fact that Crick was interested in the effects of LSD as a tool for promoting creative thought, and it has been suggested that the structure of DNA was revealed to Crick under the influence of the drug.

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  • Samuel M. A. says:

    I know that you know. He’s holding his mouth exactly right.

  • Katya says:

    Although I believe Rosalind Franklin should be credited with the true discovery of the structure of DNA, I can appreciate this work. This is awe-inducing work. I am often seduced by the effects LSD can have on an individual and how it transforms one’s productions whilst altered. Now, were you in a completely sober state of mind whilst creating this?

  • shardcore says:

    sobriety is over-rated. particularly where art is concerned. i direct you to this painting of nietzsche from last year:

  • Katya says:

    I can’t keep myself from gawking at the expression on his face. The maddened look in his eyes. This piece really locks me in…or maybe I’m just having flashbacks… His expression reminds me of a common expression I see on the faces of friends when tripping. Although, I cannot be sure if it’s an expression I’m imagining or they’re actually making. Either way, I’m there again — in that place — and that is why I think this is a brilliant work–not because it is merely aesthetically pleasing, but because it also has an ability to transport me to another time and place. That’s how I judge art, whether or not I can stare at/listen to/watch it, transfixed, for long periods of time.

  • Doctor Acid says:

    Very nice. Francis Crick is one of many LSD-induced geniuses.

  • mutante says:

    incredible, i use it a post to illustrate with the apropiate link. very nice art man… i love it. this is the post where i used your art, i hope there is no problem


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