Open House 2007

Once again I shall be opening my house [or at least part of it] to the public as part of the Brighton Festival. I’ll be open each weekend in May, between 11 and 6 so please feel free to drop by, peruse some art and join me in a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

I’ll be showing about twenty new paintings, some digital art, and some of the shardcore inquisition videos. This year I’m actually a paid-up kosher member of the Artists Open House group, which means a listing in the brochure which is distributed throughout the South East.

shardcore open house 2006

Last year we saw about four hundred visitors, just from people following the chalk arrows on the road. Let’s hope being ‘official’ will bring in similar numbers.

Don’t forget to vote for shardcorner as ‘Best Open House’.

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return to netley, things have changed – compound fracture (2001)

All this messing about with video for the shardcore inquisition prompted me to see what else was sitting unwatched on my dusty pile of DV tapes. I came across this gem, and felt compelled to share it with the world.

Return to netley, things have changed perform their chart topping hit “compound fracture” at north london’s prestigious ‘bull and gate’ emporium.

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shardcore inquisition #2 – Penny Black (2007)

Second video in the series, an interview with the elusive ‘penny black’

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