return to netley, things have changed – compound fracture (2001)

All this messing about with video for the shardcore inquisition prompted me to see what else was sitting unwatched on my dusty pile of DV tapes. I came across this gem, and felt compelled to share it with the world.

Return to netley, things have changed perform their chart topping hit “compound fracture” at north london’s prestigious ‘bull and gate’ emporium.


  • Sacha says:

    Great performance. What disdain!

  • Castle says:

    “Return to netley” seems to have been influenced by the NY (now Vegas) troupe, BLUE MAN GROUP, no?

  • shardcore says:

    i have heard of the blue man group, but i’ve never actually seen a performance. return to netley, i like to think, are more influenced by stelarc and oliver postgate.

  • Castle says:

    Postgate the writer?

    Stelarc – are you that masochistic?

    BTW, I enjoy the inqusition series. They remind me of a video installation
    that used to run in the elevators at a trendy hotel on Sunset Blvd. The close-up
    was on the eyes, though, rather than the mouth.

  • shardcore says:

    i remember seeing stelarc in the nineties, all wired up to actuators and electrodes, spazzing out in the ica, like some paunchy geek wired up to an unseen pupeteer. netley, at it’s best, had that feel – like the musicians were controlled by someone else.

    oliver postgate is a childrens animator from the uk. using cutouts thirty years before southpark. [] i like the contrast of the static backgrounds and the awkward movements of the characters.

    glad you’re enjoying the inquisitions, i have another one ready to edit, should be up in a few days.

  • Castle says:

    I wasn’t familiar with Potsgate ne Noggin. As a boy, I was partial to GUMBY & POKEY – not sure if GUMBY played in the UK (

    ( I’ve always liked claymation.

    Looking forward to more of the English Inquisition.

    Enjoy the weekend.

  • Castle says:

    Hilarious! ClubSofa’s THE PUMP.

    The surprising thing is Arnold has been a not-too-bad governer.
    (I’m from California.) I had dinner at his house back in ’91 or ’92. He was hosting a small gathering for
    for my friend’s brother and his wife – a pre-baby shower, if you will. When it came time to open gifts, Arnold stood and said, “Men, let’s go inside for a cigar [we were out by the pool], this gift-opening if for the ladies.” He really is a misogynist (SP?).

    Minutes later I found myself enjoying one of Fidel’s own, quite out of my element what with celebs, Kennedys, et al. After all, I’d just finished college and was quite aimless at the time.

    Rumor has it Arnie is lacking one nut, the result of years of steroid abuse. I’m fairly sure it was that same abuse that lead to his heart surgery a few years ago.

    He is Horatio Alger incarnate, though.

    I’ve sent your site to a few friends. All are enjoying.



  • Castle says:

    Check out my friend, John’s, work. It’s currently on display at a small gallery in San Francisco.
    The bottom links are to earlier, Kandinsky/Dali-esque paintings, the first links representing the newer work.

    I think you’ll appreciate the work. I’d like to know your thoughts.


  • shardcore says:

    yeah, ‘the pump’ – is pretty funny. i wrote it ages ago when i was living with some gym-obsessed mates, i believe i sampled it from ‘pumping iron’ – incredible that he’s now the governator…

    i really like your friends work, particularly the recent americana ones – i presume you’ve seen the bushfinger paintings on here? []

  • Castle says:

    Check out this video. I’m sure you know of the Violent Femmes (first live concert I ever attended circa ‘1983 at the Hollywood Palladium). THE COUNTRY DEATH SONG has always been one of my favorites. As you might imagine, such a title didn’t get much airplay on MTV back in the day. I came across the video recently and it reminded me – at least the art direction and set design, anyway – of Oliver Postgate.

    Though BLISTER IN THE SUN was played into oblivion, a lot of their work is still quite interesting.

  • Castle says:


  • nastasjja says:

    nice links, boys.

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