Chris (2007) version #2

So, I broke the habit of a lifetime, and re-painted a picture I’ve put up here before. After living with Chris on the wall for a few weeks, it became apparent that he just wasn’t right, and hence required some reworking.


  • sacha says:

    You’ll never achieve the “everything I nominate is art, fuck you!” status if you keep reworking… you don’t think Damien Hurst or what’s-her-name with the unmade bed got to where they are now by reworking their art, do you?

    Career suicide notwithstanding, I like the improvement.

  • shardcore says:

    indeed. in retrospect perhaps the correct response should’ve been to burn it.

    not sure what chris would’ve made of that, though…

    on the subject of mister hirst, i recently found this forum thread hotlinking to my homage to damien, “Damien Hirst can lick my salty balls”, where it is rather ironically being used as an example of his work.

    The internet is indeed a strange and poorly researched place…

  • nastasjja says:

    i love that about the internet. you are damien hirst. at least until he’s you.

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