shardcore at The Tin Drum

I’m holding a show at the Tin Drum, Kemptown Brighton. It’s on until the end of November, so come down to Brighton and enjoy some fine food and fine art. Thanks to Lois for arranging the show, and to Sam for helping with the hanging.

I’m showing 21 canvases in total, here are a some photos of some of them.

Bushfinger #5

The Wittgenstein Brothers, Francis Crick, Adam, Eric, Sacha

Big Cock & Wet Beaver

Toxoplasma, E Coli, H5N1

(I’m particularly pleased to be showing E Coli in a restaurant…]

Tycho Brahe, Edison and Topsy & Tesla


  • Oh, it looks splendid! And as for the Department of Homeland Security, I plan on writing them a stern and I mean very stern letter. How could they possibly deny you a visa? They’re simply bonkers!

  • EgriBikaver says:

    oh i’m not so sure about that. i must agree with the department. shardcore is quite obviously a subversive type… in fact, i think i’m being subverted just by looking… my cognitive feels totally dissed…
    # i wonder what wine goes with tycho and topsy and tesla.

  • Well, apparently, being subversive in the US gets you the taser: so perhaps one’s best interest would be to steer clear.

    And as for ‘tycho and topsy and tesla’, I’d recommend something you could sink your teeth into: the full-bodied Shiraz.

  • Dave Shepherd says:

    Good luck with the exhibition. I notice with your timelapse movie of the creation of the L. Ron Hubbard painting (which I particularly liked) that the light in the room where you are painting changes during the day. Does this affect your painting? I notice that some parts are highlighted more under certain light than other times. Hope it all works out well for you. I will certainly go along if I make it to Brighton before it’s over. Cheers.

  • shardcore says:

    Hi Dave,

    Obviously the timelapse is at 40x normal speed, so while there are changes in the lighting, they’re not as dramatic as they appear in the video. Also, the human visual system is very adept at compensating for such changes, and it doesn’t affect the painting process [too much]

  • Spriteley says:

    I didn’t realise you’d done a wet beaver as well as a big cock….I feel that the big cock hangs better though.

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