Private View at Tin Drum 1st November

I’m holding a private(ish) view at the Tin Drum next Thursday – I’ll be there [obviously] on hand to discuss any of the work on show. Still working on wangling some free booze, but it’s turning out to be tricky, so you may have to ask me nicely to buy you a drink…

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Ashes to Ashes (2007)

digital print and invisible ink on paper 297mm x 420mm x 3

I’ve long had an interest in alchemy – the bastard brother of chemistry. Something about the dogged pursuit of an unattainable goal via arcane ritual and experimentation reminds me of the process of making art. My alchemy here, is quite simple -I’ve been playing with invisible ink. This particular type of ink has been in use for hundreds of years as a method of passing secret information.

The ink is clear as water and invisible when dry. The markings only revealed when the paper is held to a flame.

Obviously working with invisible ink poses a problem, one is never quite able to see quite what one has painted, none-the-less I’m quite pleased with the way this first aesthetic alchemical experiment has turned out. I particularly like the juxtaposition of the crisp digital print with the splattery charred ink.

As you can see, the first skeleton caught alight and has a hole in the side. I’m sure I’ve been warned before about playing with fire…

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shardcore on the radio

Tomorrow (17/10/07), sometime after 5pm (BST), I’ll be being interviewed on Reverb Radio here in Brighton. You can listen live on 97.2fm if you’re in the area, or listen to a live stream online if you’re not.

I’ll try and get a copy as an mp3 and upload it here once the interview is over.

It’s worth noting that the last time I was on the radio, it was in New York, and I managed to accidentally utter a ‘rude word’ which resulted in the program being pulled from the air. This time I shall make an effort to be more polite…

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Martin (2007)

Portrait of Martin.

acrylic on canvas 600mm x 600mm

I recorded a timelapse of this painting, unfortunately there’s a chunk missing due to some ‘technical difficulties’. The music is ‘Ballad of the Bomb’ by ‘Return to Netley, things have changed’.

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