Monthly Archives: January 2008

Welcome to Clubsofa (1998)

Clubsofa was a series of musical experiments performed between 1995 and 1998 collected together as an album. It’s a ‘solo record’, if you will, since all of the pieces were composed alone, on a shitty 486dx PC running cakewalk. Some of them have been featured as background music to some of my timelapse painting films, […]

The Douglas Bader Auction

I went up to London to partake of the opening night of the Douglas Bader Foundation show last night. The show itself is excellent, with some really good work, I particularly liked Jo Dennis’ stuff and that of fellow Brightonian Jonathan Ridley. The event was somewhat chaotic, with a rambling auction taking up the majority […]

Freud vs Reich (2008)

Sigmund Freud was the founder of Pyschoanalysis, and Wilhelm Reich, once Freud’s favourite student, was much respected in his early career as a Psychiatrist, however a rift between them grew as Reich became dissatisfied with Psychoanalysis’ apparent inability to actually produce a ‘cure’ in patients. Acrylic on canvas 914mm x 610mm In this painting, we […]

Immanuel Kant (2008)

acrylic on canvas, 812mm x 304mm A new anamorphic painting for the new year. This time the German philosopher Immanuel Kant. Kant is considered a ‘hard’ philosopher by many students of the subject, and I myself remember being bewildered by his writing when I was younger. However his influence on the field is unmatched, and […]