Greed (2009)

My first painting for Congregation. Sam and I are tackling the Seven Deadly Sins and the corresponding Seven Catholic Virtues. Like all great questions concerning morality, we decided the division of vices and virtues with a coin toss. You’ll have to keep watching to see which one’s I ended up with…

Here’s my first – ‘Greed’ – It’s a painting of Richard Fuld, ex CEO of Lehman Brothers. He allegedly trousered half a billion dollars to himself, before the bank went bankrupt. He was also, allegedly, punched out cold in the office gym on the day they closed.

Acrylic and spray on canvas

It’s rather difficult to see from a single image, but the painting is part silver spray stencil, overpainted with acrylic – the contrast changes quite dramatically as you change viewpoint.

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The Mask of Thanatos (2009)

A change in tone and a change in style. And what better way to cleanse the pallette than to eschew all previous techniques and start afresh. This piece is a stencil, in silver, black, grey and red. I’ve painted on the back of the canvas, as a hat-tip to the master. The canvas is framed in found objects; stones, lightbulbs, plastic ants, safety pins, toy parts, transistors and other drossy ephemera.

Spray paint and found objects on canvas, 406mm x 406mm

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shardcore on the radio today

I’ll be on radio reverb this afternoon, along with Sam, discussing our plans for Congregation this year.

Tune in to Radio Reverb on 97.2FM, if you’re in Brighton, or online here if you’re elsewhere.

We’ll be on about 5pm GMT.

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