Pride (2009)

In contemporary society, pride occupies a strange place betwixt vice and virtue. More often we talk of being ‘proud of who we are’ or ‘proud of our achievements’ in virtuous terms rather than admonishing others for their prideful behaviour.

Jade Goody came to prominence through her appearance on Big Brother, primarily through her profound ignorance. Yet she was clever enough to build a ‘career’ as a ‘celebrity’ and return to our screens in ‘Celebrity Big Brother in 2007. Her shocking racist bullying of her housemate Shilpa Shetty horrified the nation, and saw her rapidly fall from glory – a case where her pride was quite rightly perceived as a sin.

I found her subsequent return tabloid glory, by dint of her illness even more disillusioning than her original rise to fame.

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Kindness (2009)

As part of my collaboration with Sam Hewitt on the subject of sins and virtues, I have painted my daughter, with her cat Wolfgang for the virtue of ‘kindness’

Kindness is the ultimate social lubricant. Tenderness and concern for others and the world at large is highly prized, in a study of 37 cultures around the world, 16000 subjects were asked about their most desired traits in a mate. For both sexes, the first preference was kindness (the second was intelligence)

Unlike many of the other virtues, kindness appears innate. The adult world of cruelty and egotism makes little sense to a child. It is only with age that we become hardened to the self-centered behaviour of others, and as a result begin to repress the kindness which we produced so readily as children.

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Congregation Launch Party

A little video to give you a taste of the Congregation launch party.

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I’m pleased to announce that Congregation will be open to the public from 10:30am on Monday 4th May.

I look forward to seeing you there.

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