Corporate Governance (2011)

Corporate Governance is a phrase used to describe the set of ‘guidelines’ for good business behaviour. The act of commercial enterprise, and Capitalism as a whole, has no explicit moral component, indeed the actions which led to the current financial crisis highlight how big business, motivated by profit, can produce large scale behaviour which many consider to be ‘amoral’ , and perhaps even criminal.

Corporate Governance: Introduction

Corporate governance is an attempt to place an ethical framework around an inherently amoral activity.

Corporate Governance: Negotiation

The three paintings are titled ‘Introduction’, ‘negotiation’ and ‘execution’, representing the ‘sales cycle’ of a business interaction.

Corporate Governance: Execution

These paintings were created for the #offbeige exhibition by Collate Presents

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Who’s afraid of The Big Society?

For this year’s White Night The Fortunecats cast themselves as a Government Think Tank, investigating attitudes to ‘The Big Society’. Using The Bee’s Mouth Bar as our venue, we proceeded to interview and categorise the population of Brighton.

Subjects were interviewed on camera, and their responses streamed live to a projection in the basement. While the subjects gave their answers, they were scored on their Compliance, Morality, Contentedness and Deviance.

After the interview finished, the subjects were classified into one of six types, and offered suggestions as to their potential roles in The Big Society.

Click the images below to read the guides given to the interviewees after classification.


We interviewed 85 subjects over the course of the evening, which were categorised in the following proportions:

Though the chart may appear to indicate a larger proportion of type two’s, the difference was found to be statistically insignificant.

Other supporting materials

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