Monthly Archives: May 2012

Cameron’s Dream (2012)

A series of films imagining what might be on the mind of the current British Prime Minister, David Cameron. These are collaborative works, created by The Fortunecats Cameron’s Dream Part 1 Cameron’s Dream Part 2 Cameron’s Dream Part 3


An experiment running alongside the Cut Up Magazine, I created a twitter account to review bands at The Great Escape, in real time. Using a similar approach to writing the reviews, tweets were constructed referencing the band, their songs, the venue and similar artists – the tweets were then delivered live as the bands were […]

Nietzsche Cats

The internet loves cats, (in fact some have gone as far as to suggest the interent is made of cats). People also love Nietzsche. As a bit of fun I set about combining the two in a ‘meme’ format. I wrote some code to splice together random cat images with tasty Nietzschean aphorisms, and amused […]

Cut Up Magazine (2012)

When faced with a choice of unknowns, often the question we ask ourselves is “who’s opinion do we trust to help guide our aesthetic choices?”. Sometimes we listen to our friends, sometimes we listen to professional critics. In a world increasingly mediated by online exchanges of opinion these roles have become blurred and we are […]