Monthly Archives: March 2014


As I mentioned previously, I recently fell off my bicycle, onto my head. This had a number of negative effects, a broken arm and a severe concussion amongst them. Though by far the most troubling (and currently persisting) injury has been to my Trochlear Nerve. I’d never heard of it before, and I suspect neither […]


The internet is a massive repository of information, from the profound to the mundane. Far too much stuff for a single human to handle, so we prefer to get our facts chosen for us, by newspapers, experts or friends. Increasingly these facts are supplied via social media, such as twitter or Facebook. Whilst we carefully […]

In the land of the blind… (2014)

Three weeks ago I crashed my bicycle. I was knocked unconscious for half an hour, broke my shoulder, etc etc. Most troubling is an injury to the nerves controlling my right eye. Apparently the prognosis is ‘most people’ ‘spontaneously recover’ ‘within six months’ – which is some comfort, but not quite a certainty. In the […]