Monthly Archives: April 2014


Much of my work deals with the machinery of algorithms and their place as in the greater systems of human culture. @hipsterbait1 is a bot that lives on twitter and tumblr, it creates ‘hipster bait’ in the form of post-post-ironic t-shirts, mashing up existing cultural referents into new combinations. It was inspired by a conversation […]

Oh, her beautiful back (2014)

A painting of Chris T-T. I took the photographs whilst he was performing live. The title is a reference to the lyric he was singing at the moment I captured this image. (about 3:30 in the video below) You should buy his latest album, The Bear, featuring this song. It’s good.


As we proceed through life, we build up our own reality tunnel of knowledge, opinions and expectations. Every now and then we are faced with a state of affairs to which we are unable to respond. We stop and ask ‘why?’ As children we ask profound, innocent questions, such as ‘why is the sky blue?‘ […]