SLAB magazine

We (The Private Sector) have produced a new magazine called SLAB. The first issue, titled ‘Brexit Wounds’, is available now.

It contains submissions from some of the finest counter-cultural writers and artists of the age, but all published pseudonymously, so you’ll have to guess who they are.

SLAB Rules
All contributers must abide by the following rules.

#1 Anonymity – all submissions are credited to anonymous, or an obscure pseudonym of your choosing.

#2 Editors decision is final. We’ve tried being ‘inclusive’ before, it means deluding people into believing their work is good, when it’s not.

#3 No pricks. No cunts. See above.


We are currently accepting contributions for issue #2, “Liquefying Reality”, to be published summer 2018. See for more details.

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