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Factbot jr

The world has moved on since I released @factbot1 way back in March 2014. Back then it was just a humorous critique of the emergence of politicised lying on social media. Now feels like some sort of awful portent. It’s now the middle of 2018 and Facebook is embroiled in an international data scandal, while […]

The Truth, Post-Truth & Nothing Like The Truth

I gave this talk at the Devonshire Collective Digital Weekender in Eastbourne on 9th Feb 2018. Covering topics including: algoculture, machine-mediated-reality, AI, bots, deepfakes, george osborne, robert anton wilson, operation mindfuck and newt gingrich Filmed by Anna Winter Digital Weekender, produced by Devonshire Collective Curator/Programmer: Amy Zamarripa Solis & Jon Pratty Part of the Threshold […]


Recently I’ve been playing with Generative Adversarial Networks, which are a new flavour of neural network architecture which can be used to generate new representations from a corpus of data. That data can be images, speech, music, pretty much anything that can be represented as data. In this case, I’m using a GAN to generate […]