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The Left Hemisphere

This is a map of the left hemisphere of the brain, seen through the lens of a 17th Century Explorer. I have taken the broad functional areas of the left hemisphere of the brain and drawn them as separate continents, as if driven apart by shifting tectonic plates. These continents contain settlements and features with […]


John Higgs is a troublemaker. Not in the usual sense – he doesn’t go around picking fights or starting fires, but he does have the habit of introducing people to chaotic ideas and that can be troublesome. Chaotic ideas have a tendency to incubate and grow until you find yourself in all sorts of unexpected […]

Factbot jr

The world has moved on since I released @factbot1 way back in March 2014. Back then it was just a humorous critique of the emergence of politicised lying on social media. Now feels like some sort of awful portent. It’s now the middle of 2018 and Facebook is embroiled in an international data scandal, while […]