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The Adversary

Privacy International asked me to design a twitterbot based around their character ‘The Adversary‘. The Adversary represents the (in)visible forces chipping away at our privacy, harvesting and analysing data about us for their own (sometimes oblique) purposes. In this context, Facebook is as much of an adversary as GCHQ or the NSA. Governments and companies […]

The Labyrinth

Another work based on the 100,000 fibre tractography model of a human subject, from CUBRIC. Here I have taken a small slice through the centre of the cortex and used it to generate a ‘tube map’ of connections. The various lines are representative of sets of people, things and concepts close to my heart. In […]


My friend John Higgs releases his new book today, The Future Starts Here. It’s an excellent read which frames the future in a positive way (rather than the dystopian hellscape projected by the majority of contemporary narratives.) It also has this description of me in it, which I find most pleasing. Eric, who is probably […]


My friend Matt Muir compiles a weekly newsletter of articles and links from across the internet (you really should subscribe). His prose style is distinct, and delightful, and the relatively short gobbets of text readily lend themselves to algo-manipulation. Plus, he has what can only be described as a mild case of Logorrhea – meaning […]