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The General and The Grunt

I updated these two for Congregation 2010 “The Minotaur of Greek mythology was the result of the union of Pasiphae and a bull. He dwelt inside the labyrinth and devoured anyone who entered. Here the minotaur is presented as an Army General – you can draw your own conclusions. I have painted this diptych in […]

Future Self (2010)

acrylic on canvas 762mm x 1062mm Each of us will die, that much is certain. However, our feelings about what happens next are the subject of much debate. As an atheist, I have no problem accepting the cessation of my consciousness and subsequent decay of my body into it’s constituent elements. Yet, there’s something primeval […]

Pixellated Self (2010)

Finally getting around to uploading my paintings for Congregation 2010. Here’s the first of two self portraits. acrylic on canvas 762mm x 1062mm Part of my reasoning behind assuming the pseudonym ‘shardcore’ was provide a fresh identity, unfettered by past (mis)deeds. An identity solely concerned with artistic experimentation. However, shardcore inhabits the same physical shell […]

Pride (2009)

In contemporary society, pride occupies a strange place betwixt vice and virtue. More often we talk of being ‘proud of who we are’ or ‘proud of our achievements’ in virtuous terms rather than admonishing others for their prideful behaviour. Jade Goody came to prominence through her appearance on Big Brother, primarily through her profound ignorance. […]