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Who Watches the Watchers?

“If you are a law abiding citizen […] you have nothing to fear” – William Hague 9th June 2013 How would you feel if William Hague was reading your email, or inspecting your browsing history, or listening to your phone calls? Recent revelations have revealed that the government watches you. It watches all of us, […]

Consciousness Engine interview

Reposted, with permission, from Kay Johns‘ blog. Interview with Shardcore. During this year’s 2011 Brighton Festival I went to see an exhibition at the Old Market called The Consciousness Engine by artist’s Shardcore and Sam Hewitt. I found this to be such a fascinating experience, it has left me thinking about consciousness, freedom and artificial […]

The Consciousness Engine

The Consciousness Engine is now alive. Come and be part of the machine: 12-5, each Saturday & Sunday in May, 2011 The Old Market, Hove. UK View Larger Map you can also: talk to god 07790 650 959 The Consciousness Engine by Sam Hewitt and Shardcore is a series of visual and digital art […]

The unLOL cats (2009)

The internet is full of cat pictures, generally showing them as nonsense talking idiots. However, cats are not simply LOLing machines, I live with two cats who actively dislike each other. Inspired by their daily fighting, I have chosen to paint some unLOL cats. They are currently on display at The Tin Drum in Seven […]