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The Fortune Cats (2009)

It’s been rather quiet at recently, because of my involvement in Brighton’s White Night art festival. My long-time collaborator Sam Hewitt and I were commissioned by Brighton & Hove council to create a secret centrepiece to the festival. The theme was ‘fortune’, and we responded by creating two giant robotic Japanese Fortune Cats, who […]

MASS in the Tin Drum

Sam and I have installed some of the paintings from MASS into the Tin Drum, in Kemptown, Brighton. It’s interesting to see how well [or not] they work in a different space, and hopefully a few more Brightonians will get to enjoy them.

Final MASS

It was with a heavy heart that we said goodbye to our congregation of paintings after the last MASS. However Mike was on hand to entertain and illuminate us with his words. First, a somewhat shambolic rendition of ‘All you need is Love’ by the Beatles: Then, the sermon itself: