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Jesus is a friend of mine

apologies for the relative silence here at trust me, i’ve been busy. to tide you over, a lighthearted video remix of marilyn manson. business as (un)usual shall be resumed shortly.

Return to Netley, things have changed – Prior Art (2002)

Since uploading clubsofa prompted such a lively debate, I herewith present ‘Prior Art’ the collection of ‘Return to Netley, things have changed’, tracks written between 1994 and 2001. Some of these tracks were written with Danny, some were written with Sacha, and some by Danny or myself alone – see if you can spot which […]

Welcome to Clubsofa (1998)

Clubsofa was a series of musical experiments performed between 1995 and 1998 collected together as an album. It’s a ‘solo record’, if you will, since all of the pieces were composed alone, on a shitty 486dx PC running cakewalk. Some of them have been featured as background music to some of my timelapse painting films, […]

return to netley, things have changed – compound fracture (2001)

All this messing about with video for the shardcore inquisition prompted me to see what else was sitting unwatched on my dusty pile of DV tapes. I came across this gem, and felt compelled to share it with the world. Return to netley, things have changed perform their chart topping hit “compound fracture” at north […]