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Welcome to Clubsofa, Clubsofa (1998)

welcome to clubsofa – clubsofa 1999 Anandamide [6.6mb] mp3 The Pump (featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger) [3.9mb] mp3 Blank For Special Messages [6.4mb] mp3 Debriefed [3.9mb] mp3 Nonesuch [2.2mb] mp3 Sure [6.7mb] mp3 Urban Renewal [4.5mb] mp3 Land of Comf [5.9mb] mp3 Bedtime [6.4mb] mp3 Uncle Monty [7.7mb] mp3

Unilever – the Egg (1997)

smorgasbord – unilever 1997 act of love huevos y queso spec 4 ian englishman fungicidal maniac the egg [4.1 mb] the pain delirium asphalt NRS ubergene justify my love The greatest sleaze-rock cabaret band that never was. If circumstances were different Unilever would be deconstructing the cornerstones of popular music with their progressive arsequake sound. […]

Unilever booklet (1998)

I have a long running interest in electron-microscopy – quite aside from the spectacular clarity that the images possess – there’s something fascinating about seeing the structure of such tiny things, a beauty that is lost on us macro-organisms. This booklet was given away at a unilever gig in New York, just before the band […]