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Unilever – the Egg (1997)

smorgasbord – unilever 1997 act of love huevos y queso spec 4 ian englishman fungicidal maniac the egg [4.1 mb] the pain delirium asphalt NRS ubergene justify my love The greatest sleaze-rock cabaret band that never was. If circumstances were different Unilever would be deconstructing the cornerstones of popular music with their progressive arsequake sound. […]

Unilever booklet (1998)

I have a long running interest in electron-microscopy – quite aside from the spectacular clarity that the images possess – there’s something fascinating about seeing the structure of such tiny things, a beauty that is lost on us macro-organisms. This booklet was given away at a unilever gig in New York, just before the band […]

Esporrazine (1990), booklet

esporrazine 1990 – booklet

We had a lot of band names between 1990 and 1994. dfc, Membore, SporeX7, Esporradin and the Pantsoff Jazzfunk Heptet amongst others. The cover has long since been lost to this zine, but I’m pretty sure it was called ‘Esporrazine’, the cover had an acetate window with a picture of an armadillo on it – you’ll just have to imagine that bit. I remember spending hours cutting and gluing, enlarging and distorting stuff on the photocopier before I was happy – a job that would take a couple of minutes in Photoshop.