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2014 review of the year

Trite as it may be, the end of the year offers an opportunity to review our deeds, and plot future (mis)adventures. Herewith, a review of my year of aesthetic experimentation, 2014. The year started with messing with the media of political discourse. Both David Cameron, our Prime Minister, and Ed Miliband, the leader of the […]

Pissed off primates (2014)

Great apes are our closest biological relatives – for example, we share 99.5% of our DNA with chimps. Our fellow primates have large brains which support sophisticated social hierarchies, distinct personalities and highly complex behaviour. Yet, as fellow primates, we have been pretty shitty to them. We destroy their habitat and wage war in the […]

Rik (2014)

I’m certainly not alone in mourning the recent death of Rik Mayall. A character inexorably linked to my childhood, from Kevin Turvey, through The Dangerous Brothers, Bottom, The New Statesman, etc. However, for me, he will always be most fondly remembered as ‘Rik’ on The Young Ones. I watched it whilst a teen, long before […]

Oh, her beautiful back (2014)

A painting of Chris T-T. I took the photographs whilst he was performing live. The title is a reference to the lyric he was singing at the moment I captured this image. (about 3:30 in the video below) You should buy his latest album, The Bear, featuring this song. It’s good.

In the land of the blind… (2014)

Three weeks ago I crashed my bicycle. I was knocked unconscious for half an hour, broke my shoulder, etc etc. Most troubling is an injury to the nerves controlling my right eye. Apparently the prognosis is ‘most people’ ‘spontaneously recover’ ‘within six months’ – which is some comfort, but not quite a certainty. In the […]