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Jeremy Clarkson (2012)

My friend, the talented Mr Chris TT is recording a new EP of songs based around Jeremy Clarkson, I offered to paint something for the cover. Acrylic on canvas, 762 x 508mm Clarkson is best known for his TV programme, ‘Top Gear’, but also for his contentious remarks. I took some photographs while painting, here’s […]

Take my heart, take my whole life too

I’m displaying some work at The Park View in Brighton as part of a show called ‘Art Lovers 2012’, which opens on Valentine’s day. It seemed only fitting that I should paint something on the theme of love.

Corporate Governance (2011)

Corporate Governance is a phrase used to describe the set of ‘guidelines’ for good business behaviour. The act of commercial enterprise, and Capitalism as a whole, has no explicit moral component, indeed the actions which led to the current financial crisis highlight how big business, motivated by profit, can produce large scale behaviour which many […]

Schrödinger and the cat (2011)

Erwin Schrödinger is considered as one of the founding fathers of quantum physics. He is, of course, most famous for his thought experiment, known as Schrödinger’s cat, an idea he developed while in correspondence with his friend, Albert Einstein . He received a Nobel Prize in Physics for his work in 1933. Acrylic on canvas, […]

Atman and Schopenhauer (2011)

Alfred Schopenhauer keeps cropping up here. My picture of him and Hegel even ended up in a Dutch University textbook, however, here I have painted him with one of his pet Poodles. Acrylic on canvas, 508mm x 406mm Schopenhauer had a difficult relationship with other people, and in his latter 27 years of his life, […]