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Future Self (2010)

acrylic on canvas 762mm x 1062mm Each of us will die, that much is certain. However, our feelings about what happens next are the subject of much debate. As an atheist, I have no problem accepting the cessation of my consciousness and subsequent decay of my body into it’s constituent elements. Yet, there’s something primeval […]

Pixellated Self (2010)

Finally getting around to uploading my paintings for Congregation 2010. Here’s the first of two self portraits. acrylic on canvas 762mm x 1062mm Part of my reasoning behind assuming the pseudonym ‘shardcore’ was provide a fresh identity, unfettered by past (mis)deeds. An identity solely concerned with artistic experimentation. However, shardcore inhabits the same physical shell […]

Gordon Moore (2010)

We live in an electronic age, where the microprocessor is ubiquitous. So pervasive is the use of integrated circuitry, that we have become indifferent to the phenomenal computational power surrounding us, and hence blithe to it’s disposability. In the late 60s when semiconductor technology was in its infancy, and the integrated circuit was still a […]

The unLOL cats (2009)

The internet is full of cat pictures, generally showing them as nonsense talking idiots. However, cats are not simply LOLing machines, I live with two cats who actively dislike each other. Inspired by their daily fighting, I have chosen to paint some unLOL cats. They are currently on display at The Tin Drum in Seven […]

Patrick Moore (2009)

Another great British Eccentric, Patrick Moore, presenter of the UKs longest running TV programme, The Sky at Night. Silver spray and acrylic on canvas, 600mm x 600mm Some visitors have noted that the silver spray doesn’t really come across in these photos. Here are a few ‘in progress’ shots to give an indication of how […]