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Heinz Wolff (2009)

The second in my series of eccentrics, I give you Heinz Wolff, who presented The Great Egg Race in the 80s. Watching the show was a weekly ritual in the shardcore household, it was full of great British ingenuity and eccentricity as teams competed to create the most successful machine to solve a particular problem. […]

Magnus Pyke (2009)

First of a new series of paintings of great British eccentrics. Eccentricity seems to go hand-in-hand with enthusiasm – a winning combination for televisual entertainment, particularly in the field of scientific communication. UK Television in the 1970s and 1980s was party to a number of these characters, the likes of which seldom make it to […]

Pride (2009)

In contemporary society, pride occupies a strange place betwixt vice and virtue. More often we talk of being ‘proud of who we are’ or ‘proud of our achievements’ in virtuous terms rather than admonishing others for their prideful behaviour. Jade Goody came to prominence through her appearance on Big Brother, primarily through her profound ignorance. […]

Kindness (2009)

As part of my collaboration with Sam Hewitt on the subject of sins and virtues, I have painted my daughter, with her cat Wolfgang for the virtue of ‘kindness’ Kindness is the ultimate social lubricant. Tenderness and concern for others and the world at large is highly prized, in a study of 37 cultures around […]