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Chastity (2009)

Chastity is a pretty unpopular virtue. Outside of the seminary, there are few humans who choose the role of sexual abstinence. Though I’m told it’s popular these days amongst a certain subset of American teenagers. I have painted Morrissey, who up until quite recently, publicly at least, claimed to lead a chaste life: “I’m just […]


Elvis Aaron Presley. The King of Rock and Roll. During his final days it is stated that the basic element of Elvis’ daily food intake was a 30-cm long bread roll, stuffed with bacon, peanut butter and strawberry jam. Each one had 42,000 calories, and in his final days, he ate two of them per […]

Dilligence (2009)

My second painting for Congregation. This time it’s one of the virtues, dilligence. I have painted my mother, dilligently sewing – a nod to Vermeer. Once again, it’s silver stencil and acrylic. I’m liking this style, it reminds me of Daguerreotype photography – all reflection and shimmering contrast distortion. Strangely my digital camera has added […]

Greed (2009)

My first painting for Congregation. Sam and I are tackling the Seven Deadly Sins and the corresponding Seven Catholic Virtues. Like all great questions concerning morality, we decided the division of vices and virtues with a coin toss. You’ll have to keep watching to see which one’s I ended up with… Here’s my first – […]

Grace Hopper (2009)

Grace Hopper is the mother of computer science. While there is no douibt that Alan Turing is the father of the field, Grace is often overlooked. Driven by the desire to become involved in helping the war effort, Grace joined US Navy Reserves in 1943 [leaving her job teaching Mathematics at Vasser] and immediately started […]