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Scurvy flyer (1996)

front back A flyer for a gig we never played. There was a plan to play an Alex Reece style cover of ‘Hey Mickey’, it would’ve been a blast, but my musical partner in crime at the time backed out at the last minute.

Esporrazine (1990), booklet

esporrazine 1990 – booklet

We had a lot of band names between 1990 and 1994. dfc, Membore, SporeX7, Esporradin and the Pantsoff Jazzfunk Heptet amongst others. The cover has long since been lost to this zine, but I’m pretty sure it was called ‘Esporrazine’, the cover had an acetate window with a picture of an armadillo on it – you’ll just have to imagine that bit. I remember spending hours cutting and gluing, enlarging and distorting stuff on the photocopier before I was happy – a job that would take a couple of minutes in Photoshop.

Future Shock (1988) postcard

futureshock 1988 – postcard I think that’s a picture of Rutger Hauer, but I could be wrong. Much of the text was stolen from my brother’s old copies of Omni. I used to particularly like the ads for the Rosicrucians at the back, and the shiny silver pages in the middle.