Open House 2007

This years Open House can be considered a success, with some very interesting/interested visitors. Overall numbers were down on last year, which was a little disappointing, but a combination of poor weather and the dearth of other artists open houses in the area is probably the reason.

I’m in two minds about how to approach next years event. Either move my work into someone elses house, open my house to other ‘like minded’ artists, or do something quite spectacularly different. Watch this space…

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Open House 2007

Once again I shall be opening my house [or at least part of it] to the public as part of the Brighton Festival. I’ll be open each weekend in May, between 11 and 6 so please feel free to drop by, peruse some art and join me in a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

I’ll be showing about twenty new paintings, some digital art, and some of the shardcore inquisition videos. This year I’m actually a paid-up kosher member of the Artists Open House group, which means a listing in the brochure which is distributed throughout the South East.

shardcore open house 2006

Last year we saw about four hundred visitors, just from people following the chalk arrows on the road. Let’s hope being ‘official’ will bring in similar numbers.

Don’t forget to vote for shardcorner as ‘Best Open House’.

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The year in review, 2006

There have been twenty nine aesthetic experiments completed since January, mainly, though not exclusively, in the medium of painting. As is to be expected of the experimental method, some have been more successful than others. Overall, however, I feel this years work marks a solid contribution to the field of aesthetic mischief.

The year started with a series of studies of human pathogens. Along the way, there were some scientists and philosophers, a fair few portraits of my reprobate friends, an instructional video and a metaphysical plaything.

Most notably, personally, was the opening, and unfortunate closing of shardcorner
which provided a brief opportunity to subvert the consciousness of complete strangers with my tiny-shop-window-by-the-traffic-lights. A most worthwhile experiment, and one that bears repeating.

2007 will see shardcore exhibiting as an ‘official’ member of Brighton Artists Open Houses in May – expect a frenzy of experimentation in 2007 as I attempt to fill my house to overflowing with arcane exercises in pareidolia.

Summary of analysis, big up to the Max Ernst massive.

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Shardcorner no more

Unfortunately, due to the sale of the building, Shardcorner is no more.

The aesthetic experiments will continue, of course, but behind closed doors. The results of these experiments will be displayed here.

Shardcore is actively looking for another window in which to display his daubs, scribblings, and devious mechanical devices.

If anyone has an empty shop, well placed window or other space they’d be willing to let or loan, please contact shardcore on shardcore at shardcore dot org

I wish my heartfelt good wishes to all who have enjoyed peering through the window of Shardcorner, sorry it wasn’t open more often…

shardcore 17/08/06

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Brighton Pride 2006

Brighton Pride, one of the best freak-gatherings available to man. So it was only fitting that shardcore should be there to contribute to the chaos. Approximately 50,000 beautiful freaks descend on Preton Park for this event each summer, and this year that meant 50,000 beautiful freaks walking right past the front door of ‘Brighton’s smallest gallery’.So, we came, we saw, we opened shardcorner, my friend Ian and I spent several marvellous hours drinking cava and being propositioned by a bewildering array of characters.In honour of the parade, we were selling shardcore limited edition gay scientist water. Twelve different scientists to collect, however no one had the foresight to choose to purchase the complete set…

While sales were brisk at points, I think overall we would’ve had more success selling poppers.

I did take the opportunity to display ‘Turing and Snow White’ and ‘Big Cock’, which brought a number of appreciative comments from the gathered throng.

All in all we had a fantastic time, and as ever, it was a delight to see that you can put so many wasted people in a confined space and not need to worry about violence breaking out.

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