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Social media (and twitter in particular) is driven by the desire to see, and to be seen. It’s a public mixture of bravado and stalking, gossip and dissemination. But underneath all that is a desire to connect, to feel part of a larger tribe. More than anything we like to be ‘liked’ – that thrill […]

Copyright police

Ah well, I feared as much, zazzle are not comfortable printing @hipsterbait1 t-shirts: Unfortunately, we are unable to process your order due to a conflict with one or more of our acceptable content guidelines. As a result, the following item(s) cannot be produced: Title: hipsterbait t-shirts – Customized Product Link: 235777588415219733 Result: Not Approved Content […]


Much of my work deals with the machinery of algorithms and their place as in the greater systems of human culture. @hipsterbait1 is a bot that lives on twitter and tumblr, it creates ‘hipster bait’ in the form of post-post-ironic t-shirts, mashing up existing cultural referents into new combinations. It was inspired by a conversation […]