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Cameron’s Dream (2012)

A series of films imagining what might be on the mind of the current British Prime Minister, David Cameron. These are collaborative works, created by The Fortunecats Cameron’s Dream Part 1 Cameron’s Dream Part 2 Cameron’s Dream Part 3

Breaking my concentration

After attending an introductory talk on Supercollider at dotBrighton by Thor Magnusson I felt inspired to have a fiddle with programatic noise/music manipulation. Here’s the result – the source samples are a loop from My Life in the Bush of Ghosts and Jack Nicholson from The Shining. Here’s the track: UPDATE 21/02/12 My good friend […]


A cover version of ‘Avalanche‘ by Leonard Cohen. The song was arranged initially using Garageband on the iPad, and then ported to the desktop version to create the final arrangement, add the vocals and effects. I’m fascinated by the ‘presets’ in musical software as a starting point for arrangement, I have been since my first […]

The Consciousness Engine

The Consciousness Engine is now alive. Come and be part of the machine: 12-5, each Saturday & Sunday in May, 2011 The Old Market, Hove. UK View Larger Map you can also: talk to god 07790 650 959 The Consciousness Engine by Sam Hewitt and Shardcore is a series of visual and digital art […]

Blueberry Hill (2011)

It’s been a while since I made any music, yet for some reason I awoke with the desire to cover Blueberry Hill. blueberry hill by shardcore UPDATE Sacha Wheeler has created a wonderful video for the song: