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Grunt (2008)

Part two of the triptych for MASS. Still deciding who will sit between this guy and The General. acrylic on canvas 762mm x 1062mm Below is a timelapse recording of the painting process. The music is ‘pigfucker’ by thetinyorganismsthatliveinsidevirgiliulamsbody.

The General (2008)

The third MASS painting, the General. The Minotaur of Greek mythology was the result of the union of Pasiphae and a bull. He dwelt inside the labyrinth and devoured anyone who entered. Here the minotaur is presented as an Army General – you can draw your own conclusions. This painting is to form part of […]

Sam (2008)

My second MASS portrait, this one of painter Sam Hewitt, my co-conspirator in the MASS. I approached this canvas in a different manner than usual, using sticky gobs and smears of thickened acrylic media. Larger canvases need larger brushes, and larger gestures. I’m aiming to produce a new portrait each week up until the show […]

Barrington (2008)

The first portrait of my own for the MASS exhibition I’m organising in May. This is a painting of Barrington, the father of a friend of mine. acrylic on canvas 762mm x 1062mm Below is a time lapse recording of the painting process, music by thetinyorganismsthatliveinsidevirgiliulamsbody .

The Booles and the Voynich manuscript(2008)

Recently I’ve been considering the commonalities between the foundations of computer science and the philosophy of language. As the world becomes more reliant on, and yet paradoxically more oblivious to, the exponential explosion of computing devices it seems pertinent to take some time to consider the foundations of the field. Computer programming languages are a […]