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Barrington (2008)

The first portrait of my own for the MASS exhibition I’m organising in May. This is a painting of Barrington, the father of a friend of mine. acrylic on canvas 762mm x 1062mm Below is a time lapse recording of the painting process, music by thetinyorganismsthatliveinsidevirgiliulamsbody .

The Booles and the Voynich manuscript(2008)

Recently I’ve been considering the commonalities between the foundations of computer science and the philosophy of language. As the world becomes more reliant on, and yet paradoxically more oblivious to, the exponential explosion of computing devices it seems pertinent to take some time to consider the foundations of the field. Computer programming languages are a […]

Marie Curie (2007) corner painting

acrylic on canvas 510mm x 510mm x 2 My second corner painting, and a compliment to my previous painting of Oppenheimer. Marie Curie was notable not only for her two Nobel Prizes, an accolade shared with only one other scientist, but perhaps for her obsessive pursuit of results in the face of adversity. The scientific […]

Linnaeus, Mendel and the Platypus (2007)

Acrylic on canvas 914mm x 610mm 2007 marks 300 years since the birth of Carl Linnaeus, “the father of taxonomy.” He was the first to apply a rigorous hierarchical naming system to all living things. By closely observing the structure and behaviour of plants and animals, taxonomy allows us to place each living thing in […]

Igor and Johnny (2007)

Acrylic on canvas 914mm x 610mm Music is fundamental to human culture, and some would argue to language itself. The human auditory system at the lowest level is able to differentiate chord from dischord, while the brain itself is hungry to find melody, rhythm and structure from almost any vaguely musical source. However, sometimes culture […]