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The Truth v0.2

I’ve just updated the algorithms on The Truth, my automated gossip robot. Now it tweets in slightly more believable manner. see what it’s up to here:

the truth (2008)

As a diversion from the usual visual artworks I here present a piece of ‘generative art’. We live in a period of obsession with ‘celebrity’. Whether this is a function of the expansion of media sources requiring content, or some other shift in human behaviour is unclear. However, the fact remains that sites like Perez […]

Immanuel Kant (2008)

acrylic on canvas, 812mm x 304mm A new anamorphic painting for the new year. This time the German philosopher Immanuel Kant. Kant is considered a ‘hard’ philosopher by many students of the subject, and I myself remember being bewildered by his writing when I was younger. However his influence on the field is unmatched, and […]

shardcore on the radio

Tomorrow (17/10/07), sometime after 5pm (BST), I’ll be being interviewed on Reverb Radio here in Brighton. You can listen live on 97.2fm if you’re in the area, or listen to a live stream online if you’re not. I’ll try and get a copy as an mp3 and upload it here once the interview is over. […]