SLAB magazine

We (The Private Sector) have produced a new magazine called SLAB. The first issue, titled ‘Brexit Wounds’, is available now.

It contains submissions from some of the finest counter-cultural writers and artists of the age, but all published pseudonymously, so you’ll have to guess who they are.

SLAB Rules
All contributers must abide by the following rules.

#1 Anonymity – all submissions are credited to anonymous, or an obscure pseudonym of your choosing.

#2 Editors decision is final. We’ve tried being ‘inclusive’ before, it means deluding people into believing their work is good, when it’s not.

#3 No pricks. No cunts. See above.


We are currently accepting contributions for issue #2, “Liquefying Reality”, to be published summer 2018. See for more details.


Much is made of the empowering nature of the internet. The way it can connect people globally, to share their knowledge and creativity. However, it’s worth remembering that over half the world’s population is NOT online, and they are filled with knowledge and creativity too.

One such non-citizen of the internet is my friend, artist, writer and musician, Tim Leopard. One of his most prolific artistic activities is the creation of drawings. It seems a shame that such a unique talent should be stuck denied the opportunity to share his work with the world – something that citizens of the internet take for granted.

So I automated him.

I’ve scanned (some of) Tim’s drawings, and built a bot to post one daily to Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, opening up the work to previously unreachable audiences.

I also launched him on Patreon – if you like what he’s doing, go and support him.

Migration Patterns

Migration Patterns is a new series of 13 portraits, painted onto the pages of a discarded road atlas.


Everyone has a story, and their story is there to be read on their faces. This is a collection of portraits of Brighton people, each painted onto a map of their adolescent homeland. The teenage years are when (where) we define ourselves. Each of the subjects have been drawn to Brighton from disparate parts of the country, and it’s my conjecture that their defining characteristics that brought them to this town were formed in those difficult teenage years.

Alongside the images are recordings of each of the subjects, recounting stories from their formative years, perhaps revealing an insight into the kind of people they have become, and the journey that led them to settle in Brighton.

Migration Patterns is being shown at The Dynamite Gallery, 13 Trafalgar St, Brighton from 30th of September until 14th of October.

Click on the images below to see the portraits and hear what they said.















The UK Government’s (lack of) position on the execution of Brexit would be laughable, were it not so crushingly destructive to almost every aspect of life in the UK. The word itself is often prefixed with vague and misleading qualifiers, that only serve to further baffle and confuse observers. ‘Hard Brexit’, ‘Soft Brexit’ or even a ‘Red, White and Blue Brexit’.

@everybrexitbot produces tweets of the form “[adjective] brexit”, alphabetically from a list of 1346 adjectives.

Obviously, a computer could produce all the possible combinations in a fraction of a second, but that’s not really the point. By releasing them sequentially, there’s a sense of anticipation about what kind of brexit might be coming next.

Not entirely unlike the current state of affairs within the Conservative Party.

The ‘every word’ format twitter bot has been around for a while, with @everyword by Allison Parrish being the most notable.

Twitter lends itself to these forms, dropping in algo-phrases every few hours, some of which prompt a smile. More frequently they drift past, flotsam in the constantly spewing stream of social media ephemera.

Here’s a little Deep Fried Theresa May.

The Brexorcist

As part of my ongoing collaboration with The Fortunecats, we produced a show for the 2017 Brighton Fringe Festival called ‘The Brexorcist’.

‘The Brexorcist’ – A Darkly Satirical Musical Catharsis

Nominated for Best Live Music at Brighton Fringe Awards 2017

Involving: The Private Sector, Seth Morgan, Frank France, Jason Pegg, Tim Harbridge, Sarah Gardner and the Dulcetones, Glen Richardson, Dave Suit, Graham Darg, Tim Leopard, Simon Adams and Chris Hope. Makeup Design by Deborah Turnbull and Julia Monkcom. Filming by Nick Driftwood. Visuals by Eric Drass. Directed by Sam Hewitt.