The Truth, Post-Truth & Nothing Like The Truth

I gave this talk at the Devonshire Collective Digital Weekender in Eastbourne on 9th Feb 2018.

Covering topics including: algoculture, machine-mediated-reality, AI, bots, deepfakes, george osborne, robert anton wilson, operation mindfuck and newt gingrich

Filmed by Anna Winter

Digital Weekender, produced by Devonshire Collective
Curator/Programmer: Amy Zamarripa Solis & Jon Pratty
Part of the Threshold Programme
Supported by Arts Council England and Devonshire West Big Local


Recently I’ve been playing with Generative Adversarial Networks, which are a new flavour of neural network architecture which can be used to generate new representations from a corpus of data. That data can be images, speech, music, pretty much anything that can be represented as data.

In this case, I’m using a GAN to generate new images from a set of pictures.

I fed my network the mugshots of all current UK MPs, in an attempt to find what the politicians of latent space might look like.

Technically speaking, 649 images is way too few to get any decent generalisation. But for the purposes of art, the results are perfect.

Herewith, 32 algorithmically generated politicians:

SLAB magazine

We (The Private Sector) have produced a new magazine called SLAB. The first issue, titled ‘Brexit Wounds’, is available now.

It contains submissions from some of the finest counter-cultural writers and artists of the age, but all published pseudonymously, so you’ll have to guess who they are.

SLAB Rules
All contributers must abide by the following rules.

#1 Anonymity – all submissions are credited to anonymous, or an obscure pseudonym of your choosing.

#2 Editors decision is final. We’ve tried being ‘inclusive’ before, it means deluding people into believing their work is good, when it’s not.

#3 No pricks. No cunts. See above.


We are currently accepting contributions for issue #2, “Liquefying Reality”, to be published summer 2018. See for more details.