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The Booles and the Voynich manuscript(2008)

Recently I’ve been considering the commonalities between the foundations of computer science and the philosophy of language. As the world becomes more reliant on, and yet paradoxically more oblivious to, the exponential explosion of computing devices it seems pertinent to take some time to consider the foundations of the field. Computer programming languages are a […]

Tycho Brahe (2007)

Tycho Brahe (1546-1601) was the last great astronomer to work without a telescope. His observations of the motions of the sky were, at the time, the most accurate ever recorded. Indeed his assistant, Kepler, used his measurements to support the heliocentric view of the solar system. Tycho himself did not subscribe to this theory, and […]

The Duel over the Calculus [diptych](2007)

Calculus is arguably the cornerstone of modern mathematics. English scientist Isaac Newton and German philosopher Gottfried Leibnitz both independently ‘discovered’ the method in the mid 17th Century. The dispute over true authorship continued for many years, reaching a head in 1711, when the Royal Society decided that Newton (an Englishman) deserved the honor of being […]

Edison and Topsy (2006)

acrylic on canvas, 600mm x 600mm Thomas Edison is often hailed as the great American Inventor, resonsible for such innovations as the phonograph and the lightbulb (which of course, he didn’t actually invent). The truth however, is that he was never much of an innovator, his method was to employ hundreds of minions to ‘improve’ […]