I like to talk about my art and other things. Here’s a list of some recent and upcoming talks.

If you’d like me to speak at your event, please get in touch.

Past Talks

Date Event Location Title Media
19 Nov 2015 Future Visions London Algorithms, Art & Authenticity
23 Sept 2015 Let’s get real Brighton Release the wasps video
19 Sept 2015 Next Day Better London Who owns your identity?
21 Aug 2015 Dorkbot Bristol Adventures in Algo-culture
9 July 2015 BBC IRFS London Adventures in algo-culture
20 June 2015 #pydata London London Keynote: What’s it Like to be a Bot? video
19 March 2015 Publishing Innovation London Adventures in algo-culture
11 March 2015 11th European Trend Day Zurich Your new best friend is a robot
20 Jan 2015 Digital Utopias Hull tl;dr; audio/slides
3 Dec 2014 mySociety Brighton We are all data now
23 Sept 2014 Creative Data Club London Your new best friend is a robot
19 Sept 2014 Silicon Beach Bournemouth Your new best friend is a robot video
12 Sept 2014 Supercrawl Hamilton, Canada Your new best friend is a robot
23 Feb 2014 #pydata London London You give me data, I give you art video

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  • Lilah Holywell says:

    My mum was talking this afternoon about how she had bunked off a talk on AI and philosophy of education at a conference today at the Institute of Education and I remembered What’s It Like to be a Bot and sent it to her – as well as rewatching it myself. I wonder what she’ll make of it.

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