Welcome to Clubsofa (1998)

Clubsofa was a series of musical experiments performed between 1995 and 1998 collected together as an album. It’s a ‘solo record’, if you will, since all of the pieces were composed alone, on a shitty 486dx PC running cakewalk. Some of them have been featured as background music to some of my timelapse painting films, but this is the first time I’ve released them together as mp3s since the end of the nineties (when they had their own website).

As ever, it appears my experiment in free music distribution was perhaps ahead of its time, since I think the site closed before the iPod was released…

  1. Anandamide [6.6mb] mp3
  2. The Pump (featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger) [3.9mb] mp3
  3. Blank For Special Messages [6.4mb] mp3
  4. Debriefed [3.9mb] mp3
  5. Nonesuch [2.2mb] mp3
  6. Sure [6.7mb] mp3
  7. Urban Renewal [4.5mb] mp3
  8. Land of Comf [5.9mb] mp3
  9. Bedtime [6.4mb] mp3
  10. Uncle Monty [7.7mb] mp3

I’ve no particular reason for re-releasing this now, beyond the generosity of my hosting provider allowing me to see what effect it has on bandwidth usage…

11 thoughts on “Welcome to Clubsofa (1998)”

  1. I find the composite image created within my mind of an identity gathered from listening to abstract noises and voice clips interesting. A personality behind it buds and with it comes glimpses of the complexities of the human mind and what it can produce.
    I recall listening to Clubsofa in ’99/2000 and not hearing anything I have today. I was at quite a young age and still trying to loosen the grip Top 40 Pop music had on me. I was delving into other musical realms but wouldn’t be able to appreciate music like this until I reached my 20’s.
    I often wonder what music interests say about the person who favors them, as well as how said interests may or may not change as the individual ages.

  2. I’m not sure what you said. It kinda didn’t make any sense to me but if you’re asking what the noise/image makes me picture in my head… I guess basically it’s like these girls hate me because I went out with this Cornish guy… who went up there and wooed them… and God even I dont understand why… I mean, do you know what bebo is? That’s what it makes me think of. xxoxoxo

  3. Now I’m confused. bebo as in
    If I requested anything, it possibly was to create conjectures about ‘types’ based on musical interests from those creating the music or listening to the music.
    Goodness, am I some sort of reductionist at heart

  4. yEAH, TYPES. I know those CLUBSOFA girls types. Like I said, there was this Cornish guy. HE WAS ALL NONESUCH, HE’d talk and whisper aSCIi and AMBIENT… but I didn’t know what HE was talking about either cause it just sounded mumbly and BRITISH accent. It didn’t matter at all HE WAS SO HOT. And I was like laying on top of him… and had my eyes closed and I said, let’s go watch a movie. He was like, I’m watching one… and I was like, oh really what’s it called? He was like, me. I was like, what’s it about? And he said, this. And I said oh, what’s happening? And he said, the best part. And I said, what’s that? And he said, what we’re doing. And I smiled. And I wanted to cry cause I’m super afraid of getting hurt. But I was sooooooo sooo so fscking happy. You don’t even know :]]]] Then those twin b1tches came along and he lies and he’s so two-faced. I’m fscking pissed at him. Alksjdflkjsdf. I HATE HIM. And I told everyone to tell him I’m pissed at him, and for him to not even fuking look at me. He never loved me. So that’s exactly the type. THE EXACT TYPE. And hey girl hey. HEY. I’M EMO AND I DON’T CUT, DON’T YOU CUT YOURSELF, FOR SOME IT’S JUST ABOUT THE LIFESTYLE AND MUSIC ETC… BEBO IS LIKE MYSPACE AND FACEBOOK, BUT BETTER.

  5. Well REALLY WE are talking. You sorta remind me of this Star Wars kid I know who says stuff like “Not if anything to say about it I have” and “Reckless he is. Matters are worse.” I remember those two SAYINGS in particular because he says them ALL THE TIME. Are you into Star Wars like that? “A personality behind it buds” was the clue that gave you away if I AM RIGHT. If you want, I can probably hook you up with him. He’s not that HOT BUT HOT GUYS LIE anyway. dsafghdgdfh! The reason I know this kid is he came up to me and said after seeing EP3 he couldn’t help but think that Anakin was the biggest EMO KID OF US ALL. I personally think Spiderman is way more EMO. And you know what girl, HEY GIRL I just realized it was Spiderman EP3 where he got like that! EP3 for both;.! I wonder if that means anything. When I was 16, I used to go to some Jay Jays store because there was a REALLY HOT guy who worked there. :{}}{whooonesss! I’d pretend that I’d be checking the jeans out, when I was actually checking hIM OUT. I bought a mIGHty BOoSh t-shirt from there once and I could have melted when he served me. Ever since I was 13, I’ve had a huge fetish for Russians. I love European accents and most Russians have gorgeous blue eyes. My first boyfriend was a Russian, even though he was a smoking, drinking, gold digging asshole. I used to blush around Germans as well. Shardcore is SUPER HOT and has an accent. He used to be a model too.

  6. I hate to break this to you, but I will anyway: Everyone has an accent. It may just be that the cilia in your ear is fond of a particular type of accent.
    Well, it’s about time I pulled these Biore facestrips off my pervasive blackheads.

  7. I hate to break this to you, but I will anyway: I’m starting to think you’re like a MATHA FUCKIN BIATCH. That’s ok tho cause I am too. Only minus the hairy ears and blackheads. heLL-oOhh-eLL!

  8. Hmm, I didn’t intend to offend. It was actually an attempt at humor. I tend to be rather acerbic, though; you’re welcome to remind me when it happens, but not through base ‘insults’.

  9. Actually, if by base ‘insults’, you mean the blackheads and hairy ear part, ummmmmmm HEY HEY HELLO!1 you’re the one who brought them up. You’re sensitive about other girls I can tell. I’m not too much. I just get PISSED OFF AT LYING GUYS. See, I said heLL-oOhh-eLL! It’s like LOL LOLO LOL only spelled out. dsawerl..,w;.

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