Return to Netley, things have changed – Prior Art (2002)

Since uploading clubsofa prompted such a lively debate, I herewith present ‘Prior Art’ the collection of ‘Return to Netley, things have changed’, tracks written between 1994 and 2001. Some of these tracks were written with Danny, some were written with Sacha, and some by Danny or myself alone – see if you can spot which are which. Return to Netley played infrequently, and almost exclusively in churches. I have procured a church for my Open House exhibition in May, perhaps an opportunity to perform again…

NB These tracks are purposely uncompressed, demonstrating a very high dynamic range – if you play them loud, and your speakers blow up, don’t blame me.

  1. Tease [5.2mb] mp3
  2. Disc [2.6mb] mp3
  3. Spend [4.6mb] mp3
  4. Peanut Butter [4.5mb] mp3
  5. Squirt [4.9mb] mp3
  6. Hominid [4.6mb] mp3
  7. Compound Fracture [3.5mb] mp3
  8. BOTB [4.0mb] mp3
  9. Replication [4.8mb] mp3
  10. Manners [3.1mb] mp3
  11. Chant B [6.5mb] mp3
  12. Korsakoff’s Psychosis [6.7mb] mp3
  13. YMCO [3.2mb] mp3

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