Congregation installation

shardcore on the radio today

I’ll be on radio reverb this afternoon, along with Sam, discussing our plans for Congregation this year.
Tune in to Radio Reverb on 97.2FM, if you’re in Brighton, or online here if you’re elsewhere.
We’ll be on about 5pm GMT.

1 thought on “shardcore on the radio today”

  1. I usually just throw a mental fit knowing I will not be there to take in the visual/aural beauty at this annual event, but hopefully I’ll become numb to the pain soon enough.
    Maybe I will turn this into my ‘hajj’. I will have to make a pilgrimage at least once before I die.
    I think I’d prefer creating art to Radiohead over Shellac. In my old age I’ve found it is difficult to listen to a lot of the ‘harder’ bands I once did. I’ve become a crotchety, old spinster already.

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