Here’s a list of bots past and present.



@trippingbot – feeding drugs to the Singularity.

@futuristbot – exploring the echochamber of the futurists

@theresamaybot – highlighting surveillance

@nk_markov – words of inspiration from Kim Jong Un

@bffbot2 – your new best friend

@miartbot – machine imagined artworks

@factbot1 – algorithmically generated lies

@shardecho – simulcra of @erocdrahs’ past

@klfbook – inside the mind of a book

@cosbot1 – reasons for trending topics


@drunkgeorgeosb – redacted social monitoring
@algobola – an investigation into social contagion
@farageblocked – blocking Nigel Farage
@tldrlit – the great works of literature, condensed
@hipsterbait1 – hipster baiting t-shirt designs
@the__truth – celebrity gossip
@the_w0rd_0f_g0d – the words of god
@cutupmusic – music reviews from the hardest working critic in rock


Yeezus as art – the lyrics of Yeezus, interpreted by Microsoft Bing
I made this for – folk art in the digital world
Nietzschecats – cats recite Nietzsche
Diddy appreciates – what does P Diddy appreciate?

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