#deepfake services

If you’re here, you know what Deepfakes are (and if you don’t, Google it).

I have the skill, the processing power and the storytelling flair to create them for you. If you need or want a Deepfake making, talk to me.

Whether it be as a training vehicle to persuade your clients that, yes, this is important and you should care, or as a creative outlet for advertising, marketing, PR, filmmaking, short-form content creation or anything inbetween, talk to me.

No porn; no ‘fake news’ (sorry), and no election-manipulating mendacity – otherwise, anything(ish) goes.

Get in touch at deepfake@shardcore.org – whether you’re a TV producer, creative director, Head of Marketing or anything inbetween. I’m here to help (show people how potentially confusing the future is).